Regeneration opportunities around the six stations will be explored. Credit: PNW

Transport bodies join forces for ‘landmark’ Manchester station strategy 

Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Victoria, Manchester Oxford Road, Deansgate, Salford Central, and Salford Crescent all feature within the scope of TfGM and Network Rail’s plan for better-connected cities. 

The transport bodies have signed a collaboration agreement to deliver a joint vision for the six stations that will bring together land and infrastructure to establish future regeneration opportunities. 

Lord Peter Hendy of Richmond Hill, chair of Network Rail, said: “This is a landmark moment for Manchester and Salford, to see our two organisations build a partnership team to make the best of our resources and expertise.  

“Working jointly with the local authorities, we are putting passengers and rail services at the forefront of infrastructure investment and wider neighbourhood improvements.” 

The partnership will focus on transport upgrades and supporting regeneration that allows the two cities to meet the demands of future population growth and further support the regional economy, according to a joint statement. 

Over the next 12 months, TfGM and Network Rail will work together to produce a plan based on five shared goals: 

  • Integrated transport system: Deliver a modern, integrated transport system.  This will attract customers and provide a service which encourages people to use public transport first and reduce reliance on cars 
  • Development around stations: Take a joined-up approach to securing additional funding and maximising commercial development opportunities around the stations and assets.  This will increase the attractiveness of development opportunities by looking at them in a comprehensive way 
  • Placemaking: Consider each station within the community, heritage, and cultural context to ensure wider social value is delivered. Creating a joined-up strategy for all the stations and an overarching vision which supports an integrated transport system 
  • Towards net zero carbon: Ensure climate change and the journey to Net Zero is a key focus and is a priority for strategic decisions to support the stations 
  • Access for all: Improve accessibility inside and around the stations and deliver ease of movement between the stations and the wider city. 

Vernon Everitt, transport commissioner for Greater Manchester, added: “The ever-changing skylines across Salford and Manchester city centres reflect the extent to which Greater Manchester is growing. 

“As we deliver our Bee Network plans for a truly integrated network, it is vital our rail stations – and surrounding areas – evolve to meet these demands, and this new partnership signifies our joint commitment alongside Manchester and Salford districts to delivering a modernised railway that puts passengers and local communities at its heart.” 

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A lot of words there, but no message

By Dan

Manchester needs a proper Overground style system. It would make getting around the city so much easier especially to areas not served by Metrolink

By Anonymous

*Cough* the start *cough* of *cough* … an underground system.

By Tom

As part of the transport strategy, when will the coach station be relocated to the Piccadilly Station area ? There appears to me a lot of land opportunities opposite the Piccadilly entrance on the Mayfield Station side which would be ideal for the relocation of same adding value to the traveler’s journey and lower carbon emissions contributing to Manchesters Net Zero target for 2038

By Wayne A Mellor

The phrase ‘Polishing a Turd’ comes to mind. It’s no use tinkering around the edges. What we need is for the line between Piccadilly and Salford to be 4 tracks with two extra platforms (15 & 16) at Piccadilly to make full use of the Ordsall Chord and an underground HS2 station. Preferably a through station. Stuttgart in Germany has spent billions on converting their buffer station to a through station.

By Anonymous

Build the Long-Distance Coach Station on Piccadilly Gardens right next to the Metrolink (tram) Hub and right next to the local-services Bus Station. Run frequent stopping trains between Victoria-Salford Central (add a platform) -Deansgate-Oxford Rd-Piccadilly. Build a new short rail link (a few miles) west of Manchester so freight trains can avoid the Castlefield Corridor. If any other problems need solving, just let me know.

By James Yates

Developing on land next to stations? Levy Market take note…

By Anonymous

The Metrolink and overground rail lines in Manchester all need to be one system. Scrap the trams through the city centre and replace them with underground tunnels. That way you can have a proper metro system with say 4/5 lines. At the moment this “landmark Manchester station strategy” is quite literally nothing… I have a feeling it’ll remain that way.


The Metrolink doesn’t go to Salford Central, Crescent, or Oxford Road. Plus none of the trains coming from Places on the Urmston, Flixton, Irlam line, now stop at Deansgate, where there is actually an Interchange. Clueless, would be kind, to these people, organising transport in this region.

By Elephant

They prioritised “commercial development” … Up to about money. For them. Where – and where exactly – is the devising of, say, lower cost public travel, increasing capacity, or quality of carriages and facilities?

The “greener” parts of this plan are last and it is really telling. 👀

By EmCee

Not sure it means much now, might do under a Labour government. If you want a good model for this in the UK look at Cardiff, the South Wales Metro looks like a really cost effective way to turn legacy rail infrastructure into something quite good at really modest cost.

By Rich X

When you see money being thrown at speculative growth areas down south with slow trickle of housing supply, it seems mind boggling that Manchester is piling in thousands of new residents every year, and we get nothing from central government. Less talk. More words. Journeys like Salford Crescent – Piccadilly should be more reliable. We need an S-Bahn/Overground frequency on north-south and east-west rail routes to make rail a real option.

By Money Is Needed

But the government won’t fund major infrastructure projects outside of London. We are further north as the weather person always say where problems either don’t exist or rather don’t matter!!

By Realism

No integrated travel with Metrolink .

By David Marshall

What about Baltic Station in Liverpool lol

By Anonymous

Great idea hope Cliffton railway station is included

By Zenb

PLATFORM 15 & 16

By Levelling Up Manager

Spot on about the missing platforms!

By WayFay

Lord Henry of Richmond Hill, says it all. From my experience of Richmond, Surrey, there is no need for people in that town to worry about transport. I was there in 2017 and the District line was down for essential repairs on one Sunday. No replacement buses taking half the day to get there, as we have to endure, but a fast train to Waterloo, with connections all over London. Patronising inaction, yet again.

By Elephant

I’m afraid we’ll need to see output before we can judge this – but I suspect it’s just hot air and a massive waste of money. Manchester needs to start by providing a decent speedy link between it’s two main stations, Piccadilly and Victoria. It hasn’t managed it yet and recent, unchecked, above-ground development has reduced the options available. How about looking at what some other cities have tried – a cable car/gondola to link the two points. Perhaps creating a triangle around the city centre with a third point somewhere near castlefield? In-between stops in the northern quarter, spinningfields and around Oxford rd. 😁

By Jamie Crosland

Errr… What the heck have they been doing up to now?
This sounds like bluster and hot air.

By Bernard Fender

Lots of earning possibilities for a few people who will sit and talk in meetings for 100s of hours for NOTHING.
HS2 IS A GLOBAL JOKE. If it ever comes to Manchester, which I doubt, it will be a very ugly, very very disruptive, and very very very expensive. The Bumbleflumps in charge are a disgrace. Nationalised rail services are our only future way forward

By Bernard Fender

An integrated transport system. Now where have we heard that one before?

By Tee Emm

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