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Building sustainability into your brand – when to and when not to do it

The times they are-a-changin in the world of the built environment. More and more, sustainability is at the forefront of client’s minds when they’re looking to kick start their new development or build their dream home. And with this shift, the built environment has to likewise change tack to accommodate those new desires.

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword; it’s a quality there is active thirst for and for many groundbreaking projects across our built environment, it’s the foundation upon which much of the design choices are made.

If you’re a business living on the cutting edge and actively delivering sustainable products and services, championing those eco-friendly practices can significantly elevate your brand image, positioning you favourably amongst your target audience.

In this short blog, we’ll examine this shift towards eco-consciousness and look at when you should capitalise on your credentials and abilities in the area of sustainable practices. We’ll also be looking at the dangers of overselling yourself and the consequences of greenwashing if you do.

The shift toward eco-consciousness

The UK public has become increasingly eco-conscious. They’re actively seeking businesses that demonstrate a real commitment to the environment. In the context of urban spaces, this translates to a demand for sustainable structures and designs.

While its difficult to have zero-carbon structures that are market ready and scalable, there are many ways to reduce carbon in the here and now that are. That can mean anything from a structural frame that uses recycled steel, to an energy model that employs appropriate insulation and heat pumps.

It’s an evolving market dynamic that offers companies in the built environment a distinct opportunity. If you’ve got the skills to deliver sustainable designs and products in a meaningful way, you can fold that ability into your branding and marketing.

Strengthening brand image through sustainable practices

Once you’ve mad a commitment to sustainable methods and practices, this can benefit your company in several ways:

  • Differentiation: A genuine green commitment offers a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in a competitive market.
  • Trust: Transparency in eco-friendly initiatives fosters deeper trust among clients.
  • Loyalty: When clients resonate with a brand’s values, they’re more likely to stay engaged and loyal.

Beware of greenwashing

With the rising demand for green initiatives comes a pitfall: greenwashing. This term refers to brands misleadingly marketing themselves as environmentally friendly when they aren’t.

  • Trust Erosion: Once customers perceive insincerity in eco-claims, a brand’s credibility can rapidly decline.
  • Legal Implications: False advertising can lead to significant penalties.
  • Shadow on Authentic Initiatives: Overstated claims can cast doubts even on genuinely sustainable companies meaning you risk doing damage to an important and transformative movement.

Striking the balance right

When it comes to building sustainability into your branding and marketing, it has to be earned. Out of all of the things you build into your brand image, this is perhaps the most important to be authentic about.

With the importance of the issue, the general public, experts and in some cases in governing bodies will hold you to your word and expose you if you’re proven to misrepresenting your green credentials.

Many names big and small have fallen prey to this and the reputational damage can be considerable.

The bottom line

Sustainability marketing, when approached authentically, offers significant value.

BUT – and this can’t be emphasized enough – you have to earn it. Positioning yourself as a green saviour when you’re anything but will bite you in the backside and potentially do irreversible reputational damage.

You need to ensure your green claims are backed by genuine actions.

When done right you not only elevate your brand but contribute meaningfully to a more sustainable future.

If you need help building your sustainable credentials into your brand, give Luma Marketing a call today and we’ll help you show your brilliance to the world.

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